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New England VERC applies engineering and improvement methods to important healthcare problems so that the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) can efficiently, effectively, and reliably provide exceptional care to Veterans. As one of four Veterans Engineering Resource Centers (VERCs) nationally, we also train VHA staff and the next generation of professionals in improvement methods as they apply to healthcare. New England VERC is a multidisciplinary program collaborating with academics, researchers, clinicians, and operations staff to improve the way work is done on local, regional, and national levels. 

Some examples of our recent and ongoing improvements include: 

  • Standardized the decision-making process to maintain the correct dosage of warfarin for outpatient Veterans. This has resulted in increased patient safety, cost savings, and improved Veteran and staff satisfaction. 

  • Partnered with the national Office of Mental Health Operations to implement a new team-based care model. New England VERC helped establish support for these new teams with resources, educational sessions, and networking opportunities. 

  • Overhauled inventory space for several Operating Rooms. The team identified and eliminated waste from the inventory process, resulting in a 25% increase in available office space. Staff can now quickly identify and remove expired items, which improved patient safety.

New England VERC balances project priorities among a number of different customers and levels of the VHA organization including: national priorities, VISN strategic goals and needs, and local facility projects. Potential projects are prioritized from carefully selected criteria shown below.

Project Priorities graphic showing the four criteria: VA Strategic Alignment, Engineering Fit, Customer Support and Spreadability

For more information, please contact:

Cliona Archambeault
New England VERC, Acting Director


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